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Julius Franz Hirt
Julius Franz Hirt
Julius Franz Hirt, born February 20, 1811, attended the Royal Gymnasium (high school) in Gera. He began his law studies in 1830 at the University of Leipzig. He passed his exam as the best in his class on March 22, 1833 and began service as assistant to Prince Reuss at the City Court of Gera. On May 1, 1846, he was appointed director of the Royal Criminal Court in the principality of Reuss-Gera. He held that position until July 1, 1863. During that time he was repeatedly elected delegate to the parliament of the younger line of the Principality of Reuss and held its presidency for two periods.
In 1863 Julius Franz Hirt was named director of the newly established Royal District Court. On May 28, 1864, Prince Heinrich LXVII presented him with the Civilian Medal of Honor First Class. In 1870, he received the Imperial War Memorial Coin for Non-combatants. According to the government treaty of May 18, 1878, the courts were consolidated and Julius Franz Hirt was named the first president of the highest judicial office. Until his death on March 1882, he was the highest judge in the land.
On January 6, 1882, Grand Duke Karl Alexander of Saxony-Weimar named him Commander of the House Order of Vigilance or of the White Falcon. In addition to his court activities, Julius Franz Hirt was also actively involved in literature: under the pseudonym Gerhard Auinger, he wrote theater plays and crime novels.
Julius Franz Hirt was married to Louise Francisca, nee Raithel (1814 – 1881). The couple had one unmarried daughter and six sons:

Georg Hirt entered art history as a painter of flowers
Paul Hirt became a garden architect
Wolfgang Hirt became a theologian in Leipzig
Albert Hirt became a pharmacist and was licensed in 1892 to open a pharmacy in Berlin-Friedenau. His and his wife Marie’s (nee Bräunlich) house, Villa Marie, became a meeting point for artists and academics. A particularly intensive friendship developed with the sculptor Valentino Casal, who created parts of the Avenue of Victory Unter den Linden, and who later designed the Monument for Albert Hirt in the Friedenau Cemetery on Stubenrauchstrasse.

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Photo: Georg Hirt, painter (standing) and Paul Hirt, garden architect

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