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Mission of The Lahr von Leitis Academy & Archive
Art and education without borders. Learning and the transfer of knowledge as efficient tools to fight against ignorance, discrimination, and hatred.
Familiarizing the young generation with the treasures of exiled art, to help them create a meaningful future that incorporates the lessons learned from history.
In 1995, Gregorij H. von Leitis and Michael Lahr founded The Lahr von Leitis Academy & Archive. The Academy brings worlds and people together. It is a forum for the individual to create an environment in which his or her creative potential may be developed and human diversity can be celebrated. It is a platform where everyone can participate in an academic and creative dialogue guided by the classical tradition. To this end we regularly offer lectures, workshops, seminars, and master classes.
Inspired by his family’s passion for collecting historically relevant documents, Gregorij von Leitis early on continued this tradition. He completed the already existing collection of documents, letters and photos with new items. Gregorij von Leitis’ meeting with Maria Ley Piscator, widow of the great theatre director Erwin Piscator, in New York and the founding of the Erwin Piscator Award Society in 1985, caused him to focus on items related to artists and intellectuals who were banned, silenced, and often murdered, by the Nazis. The Archive is devoted to documenting the rich heritage of writers, composers and intellectuals who were persecuted by the fascist regimes of the mid twentieth century and had to emigrate.

In the near future the collection shall be opened to researchers and the interested public. Additional donations to the already existing collections are greatly appreciated.


On the following pages you can learn more about the Founders and the Advisory Board.

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