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Piscator Award
In 1985 Gregorij H. von Leitis founded the Erwin Piscator Award Society which has been presenting the Annual Erwin Piscator Award in honor of Piscator’s tremendous contribution to the theatre and his lasting influence on stage-direction on both sides of the Atlantic ocean. Like Leo Tolstoi, whose epic novel “War and Peace” Piscator adapted for the stage, Erwin Piscator was convinced that “art only achieves its purpose, when it contributes to the improvement of man.” Since the first award ceremony the Annual Erwin Piscator Award has been presented to artists, who – like Piscator – use the arts to contribute to the improvement of man.
The Honorary Erwin Piscator Award in memory of Maria Ley Piscator was instituted in 1996 to recognize the extraordinary support of the arts and culture by individuals and institutions.
Recipient of the first Erwin Piscator Award in 1986 was the Oscar-winning actress Lee Grant.

Until today more than 40 recipients have followed:

2019 Ayad Akhtar
Katherine and Clifford Goldsmith (Honorary Award)
Helga Rabl-Stadler (Life Achievement Award)
2018 J.T. Rogers
Jolana Blau ( Honorary Award)
2017 James C. Nicola
Marina Kellen French (Honorary Award)
2016 Bartlett Sher
Sachi Liebergesell (Honorary Award)
Prof. Dr. Erika Fischer-Lichte (Life Achievement Award)
2015 John Guare
Cesare L. Santeramo and Robert J. Campbell (Honorary Award)
2014 Harold Prince
Vartan Gregorian (Honorary Award)
2013 André Bishop
Barbara Goldsmith (Honorary Award)
2012 Thomas Hampson
Louise Hirschfeld Cullman and Lewis B. Cullman (Honorary Award)
2011 E.L. Doctorow
Peter Gelb (Honorary Award)
2010 Martina Arroyo
Carol Kahn Strauss (Honorary Award)
Luise Rainer (Life Achievement Award)
Christine Ostermayer (Erwin Piscator Jubilee Award)
2009 Marian Seldes
Max Kade Foundation - Lya Friedrich Pfeifer (Honorary Award)
2008 Edward Albee
Meera T. Gandhi (Honorary Award)
2007 Deborah Voigt
Alexandra Kauka (Honorary Award)
Marta Eggerth (Life Achievement Award)
2006 Elaine Stritch
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation (Honorary Award)
2005 Ben Gazzara
Donald M. Kendall (Honorary Award)
2004 Kitty Carlisle Hart
Dr. Johann Georg Prince of Hohenzollern (Honorary Award)
2003 Anna Moffo
Kurt F. Viermetz (Honorary Award)
2002 Kurt Masur
Dr. Bernd-A. von Maltzan (Honorary Award)
2001 2001 Anne Jackson and Eli Wallach
Drs. Ellen Hedda and Peter Landesmann (Honorary Award)
2000 Ellen Burstyn
Anna-Maria and Stephen M. Kellen (Honorary Award)
1999 Tony Randall
Mary Sharp Cronson (Honorary Award)
1998 Uta Hagen
Martha W. Coigney (Honorary Award)
1997 Lanford Wilson
Prof. Gabriele Henkel (Honorary Award)
1996 Marshall W. Mason
Lucille Lortel (Honorary Award)
1995 Prof. Dr. Margret Herzfeld-Sander
Prof. Dr. Volkmar Sander
1994 William M. Hoffman
1993 Klaus Dieter Wilke
1990 Robert Wilson
1989 Peter Zadek
1988 Judith Malina
1987 Giorgio Strehler
1986 Lee Grant
Gregorij H. von Leitis still serves as the Chairperson of the Piscator Award. Michael Lahr is the Vice Chairman.
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Elysium in 2013, Michael Lahr published the book "The Erwin Piscator Award".
Photo at the top: Erwin Piscator, Raffaello Bencini at the Teatro Communale di Firenze in1964
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