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The Erwin Piscator Award. Der Erwin Piscator Preis
by Michael Lahr
New Book:

Hardcover-book, 12 x 8 ½ inches
English-German Edition
192 pages / 231 photos

ISBN 978-3-9816119-0-8

Price: USD 25.00

If you would like to order a copy of the book, please send us an e-mail.

Erwin Piscator (1893 – 1966), founder of the political theater, was convinced that "art only achieves its purpose if it contributes to the improvement of man."
This principle has been guiding Elysium and The Lahr von Leitis Academy & Archive in its artistic and educational work.
And at the same time, this motto has been the discerning rule to determine who would be eligible to receive the Piscator Award since its founding in 1985.
The book "The Erwin Piscator Award" is a tribute to the many iconic artists and outstanding patrons of the arts, who have been awarded with the Piscator Award and the Honorary Piscator Award:
  • The honorees are featured with full-page portraits and biographies.
  • There are various messages of greeting by heads of state (among them US-President Bill Clinton and the President of the German Federal Republic Johannes Rau) as well as other important politicians.
  • The reader will also find excerpts of remarks praising the merits and contributions of the honorees, as well as acceptance speeches by the honorees themselves.
You’ll also read about Piscator in the book:
  • Judith Malina on what she learned from the famous German theater innovator.
  • Tony Randall remembering his first theater production “The Circle of Chalk” that was produced under Piscator’s auspices at the Dramatic Workshop.
  • Louise Kerz Hirschfeld reminiscing about Piscator’s ground-breaking world-premiere production of Rolf Hochhuth’s "The Deputy" and the Salon which Maria Ley Piscator continued after Piscator’s death.
  • Gregorij von Leitis describes his meeting with Maria Ley Piscator that led to the founding of the Piscator Award.
  • Michael Lahr introduces the man and the artist Erwin Piscator and his ongoing legacy.
The proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit Elysium’s and The Lahr von Leitis Academy & Archive’s program "Art and Education without Borders".
Praise for The Erwin Piscator Award:
Photo: Barbara Goldsmith. © Carin Drechsler-Marx
"This Erwin Piscator Award book not only documents the highest achievement in the arts and education on two continents, but also beautifully depicts each varied winner. I am privileged to be among their number."
Barbara Goldsmith, Best-selling, award-winning author and historian
Photo: Louise Kerz Hirschfeld. © Carin Drechsler-Marx
"The book is a splendid document of Piscator and your organization. The photos are wonderful and the text and research superb. This homage is just in time to remember the great director and the keeper of his flame Maria Ley."
Louise Kerz Hirschfeld, Theater Historian
Photo: Judith Malina. © Letizia Mariotti
"This is an essential book for anyone who loves the theatre arts and cares about the creation of a more and more meaningful theatre.
Gregorij von Leitis and the Elysium theatre have given us a core of actors, directors, producers who have all been touched by the genius of Erwin Piscator.
Michael Lahr has collated the recipients of the Erwin Piscator Award which will inspire each of us to a more eloquent voice!"
Judith Malina, Founder of the Living Theater, Student of Erwin Piscator
Photo: Nathan Stoltzfus. © Letizia Mariotti
"Here in striking art book style is fine tribute to Erwin Piscator and the remarkable work of Elysium – between two continents. Thoughtful, full-page portraits of Elysium’s annual honorees are introduced by essays from Michael Lahr and Gregorij von Leitis on the occasion of three decades of their advancement of open-hearted cultural exchange. Elysium has shown that arts and culture can awaken us to the realities of horrible injustice and move us to give voice to the victims rather than leaving this to policy makers alone."
Nathan Stoltzfus, Professor of History at Florida State University in Tallahassee and author of the award-winning book "Resistance of the Heart"

Photo at the top: Erwin Piscator, Raffaello Bencini at the Teatro Communale di Firenze in1964

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